About Hugh

This is Hugh.

Hugh is a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible.  He has factory air, black Pony interior (all original) and a black top.

He was born in Metuchen, New Jersey on March 22, 1966.

His engine is a 289 2v V8, and his transmission is a C4 Automatic.

He is Signalfire Red.

He is awesome.

He came into my life roughly 80% restored, but a couple long drives let me know he was overheating badly.  A new radiator fixed that, and since then, my hubby and I have been slowly working on replacing little parts here and there that need it.  A new radio (like really new, that I can hook my iPod to, but that looks just like the original) was one of our favorite purchases, because the cassette player that was in him just wasn't doing it for me.

He needs new paint, but that's a project for some time far in the future.

Right now we are slowly working on restoring him, little by little, so he will be perfect and like new again.

But really, he's already pretty perfect.

And he turns heads wherever we go.


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    1. Janet, he is so, so, so awesome! Heck, you can even drive him if ya want ;-)


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